legal U.S. poker sites in 2014 - list of all licensed and regulated online poker rooms in the uSA

legal us poker sites 2014Legal online poker has finally come to the United States of America in 2014, but not in the way most people anticipated. The launch of legal USA poker rooms in 2014 has not been the greatly anticipated event that most people have looked forward to for nearly a decade. Most American Internet poker players haven't even been slightly impacted by legal online poker in the USA. The situation for the vast majority of U.S. poker players has remained virtually unchanged. You could say that the opening of legal, regulated and licensed U.S. poker sites in 2014 has been akin to holding Ah-Kh in the hole and flopping 6s-7s-8s. It has been a bust, a flop, a total let down, a disappointment. It's like getting a hot girl into your bed and finding out that all of those nice curves you have been admiring are the misleading result of padded underwear.

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The first legal USA poker site was Ultimate Poker, in Nevada. This fully legal poker room did not change the industry because only residents of Nevada can play poker there for real money. Several more legal and licensed online poker rooms in the USA have opened. Even some of the big European rooms, like Party Poker, have reentered the U.S. poker market. If you are in New Jersey you can go to the main Party Poker web site and start playing poker for money. You do not have to live in NJ to play at the USA-friendly Party Poker, you just have to be in the state. These legal poker rooms in the U.S. use IP tracking software to determine if a player is really located in the state in question. American states with legal and regulated poker markets in 2014 include New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Legal USA poker sites include Ultimate Poker, PartyPoker, Borgata Poker, WSOP Poker, All American Poker and Delaware Poker. Delaware Poker uses the 888 Poker platform. My first online poker room was Pacific Poker - a sister room to 888 Poker - so I hope they become one of the Illinois poker sites in 2014. Here is some info about licensed, regulated and legal USA online poker sites in 2014.

Legal Poker Site State Peak Traffic Public Reception
newest us poker sites 2014 Nevada & NJ 300 cash players states with legal poker
usa licensed poker sites 2014 Nevada 200 cash players newest licensed online poker sites 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 Delaware 175 cash players all legal us poker rooms 2014
legalized usa poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 250 cash players new legal sites poker
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 150 cash players usa states with new online poker 2014
new legal us poker rooms 2014 New Jersey 125 cash players new legal poker rooms usa

Unlicensed U.S. Poker Sites In 2014 - Largest Online Poker Rooms For USA Players

Obviously the online poker industry in the United States of America is far larger than the tiny legal rooms listed above. Where do the millions of American online poker players play at in 2014? Less than 5% of U.S. poker players actually play at one of the legally licensed rooms outlined above. Everyone else plays at the unlicensed, quasi-legal poker rooms that have been accepting U.S. citizens for years. The top 5 USA friendly online poker sites, in terms of real money traffic, are featured below. You may think that a fully legal, licensed and regulated Internet poker room would be safer and more secure than the semi-legal offshore USA poker rooms in 2014 but that is not the case. I will use Betonline Poker as an example. Betonline is a massive and financiall secure company. They have been the world's 2nd largest sports betting company and have been online for going on 15 years. Their poker platform is the most advanced in the US market in 2014. Unseasoned and inexperienced poker rooms like Ultimate Poker have been suffering from many software glitches and security breaches. For instance, many people are being dealt the same card twice in a hand. You may get dealt a suited pair at Ultimate Poker. Bet Online Poker's client has hundreds of millions of real money hands. Their security team more experienced and better funded than the security staff at every legal US poker room combined. Plus, a small startup like Ultimate Poker cannot even claim to have just 5% of Betonline's resources. Betonline is simply about as financially secure as a company can be. We have special bonuses at each of these kind-of legal online poker rooms for USA players in 2014. They are the fastest paying poker sites for Americans in 2014.

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