is real money online poker legal in the USA in 2014?

Is real money online poker legal in the USA in 2014The big question has been "Is real money online poker legal in the USA in 2014?". This question has been asked by online poker players from the United States for over 15 years. The best answer is that there are different shades of legal, depending on which state in the USA you live in. There is probably another way to look at this question, cause and effect. What happens when you publicly do something that is illegal? You get arrested or ticketed. Therefore, if you do something openly, without trying to hide it at all, and you do not get in trouble you could say that it is not illegal. No American citizen has ever been fined, ticketed or arrested for playing real money poker on the Internet. It simply has not happened, ever. In that sense you could say that real money online poker is perfectly legal because it is an action that has no legal consequences or ramifications. There are many unenforced laws on the books, weird laws like the law in my home state of Illinois that says you just contact the police before entering the city of Chicago in an automobile (it is a real law, look it up!).

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The legality of online poker for real money in 2014 isn't some unenforced law on the books. There is not a law against playing online poker for cash in the US. You could say that status of Internet poker is more of a "not illegal" than it is "fully legal" because no federal laws ban it. It has been a grey area for many years, until recently. You might read about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 - the UIGEA. This caused many online poker sites to leave the U.S. market. Party Poker and 888 Poker are two examples. When they left it enabled rooms like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker to dominate the U.S. market and become the largest online poker rooms. The UIGEA didn't make playing poker online for money illegal in the USA. Many people incorrectly assume that this is when online poker was made illegal. The UIGEA was just some banking regulations that were meant to make it more difficult for banks to process payments to offshore gambling companies. The law didn't even go into effect until June 1st, 2010, and even then most banks simply ignored it because it wasn't practical. I'm sure the executives at Party Poker and the other rooms were kicking themselves.

We currently have two types of legal online poker site in the USA in 2014. Three states have specific pro poker laws that have resulted in fully legal, licensed US poker rooms. These states are New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. There are 1-3 legal U.S. poker sites competing in each state but you have to be in the state to play for money at these rooms so 95% of Americans continue to play at the other kind of legal US poker site in 2014. I have added a list of the best US poker sites in 2014 below. These rooms have the most USA-friendly deposit options, the quickest payouts to Americans and the highest real money traffic. Use our links to receive special sign up bonuses.

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